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Worry-free coverage plans designed for mobile devices

Enjoy flexible plans, services and 24/7 online support.

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Customizable solutions for the digital-first age


Transparency all the way

Say goodbye to being in the dark. Receive text and email alerts at every step of the claims and repair process.

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Different logins for different staff

Specify as many users as you like for your business account. Your team can file and manage claims, track progress, and manage policies 24/7.  

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Flexible payment options

With Neighbors, payments can be made either by the school or by the parents directly on our website. 

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Buy more, save more

The more you buy, the more you save: Take advantage of the most competitive warranty prices and volume discounts.

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What is the difference between Extended Warranty and Accidental Damage coverages?
My devices come with a manufacturer's warranty. Should I get an extended warranty?
What does your claims process look like?
Is there a discount for large number of devices?
Do you cover used devices?
Why did you name your company Neighbors?

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